Ultrasound Directed Joint and Nerve Injections

Joint and nerve injections are commonly used for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. When applied diagnostically, joint and nerve injections consist of a local anesthetic that is given to different areas in the body that could be causing the pain. By paying attention to whether the patient experiences a decrease in pain when an area is injected, the doctor can estimate the amount of culpability that area holds for the pain. When used therapeutically, joint and nerve injections typically consist of both local anesthetic and a steroid geared toward reducing pain or inflammation of the targeted joint or nerve. The inflammation, which can be caused by a variety of conditions, usually causes intense pain at the site of the inflammation or in associated areas. The steroid contained in therapeutic joint and nerve injections is shot into or around the inflamed joint or nerve, causing the inflammation to subside and diminishing the pain.

Preferred Pain Management is committed to offering the most effective and technologically advanced techniques for administering injections, so many of our joint and nerve injections are directed by ultrasound. When ultrasound technology is used, the doctor is able to visualize the exact position of the needle, as well as the exact location of the targeted joint or nerve, allowing for a significant increase in accuracy. Additionally, the greater visibility and accuracy allow for a smaller needle to be used, which means less discomfort for the patient. Furthermore, unlike when CTs or other imaging methods are used to guide injections, costly and sometimes detrimental ionizing radiation is not used.

Side effects and outcomes are unique to each patient and will be discussed before any treatment options are prescribed.